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HeadShotSusan Hoover was born in Montreal, but grew up and attended schools in Williamstown, Massachusetts.  She received an A.A. degree from Colby Sawyer College (where she won the Blue Quill Award for highest literary achievement), and a B.A. from the University of Colorado.  Before moving to New York, she lived in Boulder, CO, and Cambridge, MA, where she was an editor for the literary magazine, Insight.  Susan is also a performing musician as well as a guitar teacher with an extensive private practice.  She has been on the teaching staff of several New York City music schools, including a stint on the faculty at the Mannes College of Music.  For over 20 years, Susan has worked as a poet-in-residence in more than 50 schools in the greater New York metropolitan area, for Poets in Public Service, Teachers & Writers Collaborative, DIA Foundation, and the Guggenheim Museum.

“Teaching for me,” Susan says, “is a complex of motivations.  Students have a choice as to where they can direct their energies, and if students opt for creative direction, it’s almost guaranteed that their lives will be enriched, purposeful, constructive, and a source of pride.  There are techniques specific to poetry to be learned in order to find one’s voice and make that voice stronger.  Seeing students opening up to their own creativity via the written word, and the results which ensue, both on a literary and personal level, is what keeps me engaged, enthusiastic, and excited about teaching.”

Her poetry and music have afforded Susan extensive club work, concerts, festivals, touring, radio and television appearances as a solo performer as a singer/guitarist and as a poet.

For years Susan divided her time between Greenwich Village and her cabin in the mountains near Woodstock, NY.  Several years ago, she moved to Woodstock full time, but continues to teach poetry in schools throughout the greater New York area, and is a featured poetry reader in New York and New England.  When based in Woodstock, she teaches guitar privately and continues to work on her poetry manuscript projects.